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Hi. The person I am looking for is my father. He and my mother got separated since I was a kid, that I can’t even remember his face.

I am looking for him for a long time, but not with an extra effort. Maybe I just started on social medias, but never got to find him. He and my mom broke up, when my mom discovered that he is married with someone else and has a family. So my mother decided to leave so she will not destroy his family. He is married to my mom, but my mom didn’t knew that he has a family. Back in 2012 before I moved abroad, my mom told me that my aunt received a letter from him, but they don’t want me to know it, and I don’t know why.

So I started searching on social medias, but no good results. My mother told me that he has a four children.

I really hope that I can get a help from you. I have my own family now, and I am hoping that he have a chance to see his grandchild and to be able to meet my husband.


Yours truly,

Kathleen Kreken


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