Find People using Social Networking sites

Filipinos are renowned globally as being very active on social media

Looking for an old school friend, or want to find someone who is working overseas? Searching Social Networks for old friends and school buddies is a popular past time now for millions of people worldwide thanks to these sites.

The sheer volume of people using social network sites is staggering, and the ease with which you can find old friends and people you’ve lost touch with makes these very useful tools in your search. Name searches quickly return matches of profiles meeting your criteria, and school and university group pages list both past and present students that have registered.

An additional bonus for finding people through social networks is their international nature. With an estimated 11 million overseas Filipinos, there’s a very good chance the person you are looking for may just be in the United States (4,000,000 Filipinos), Saudi Arabia (2,000,000 Filipinos), Malaysia (636,000 Filipinos), Canada (437,000 Filipinos), UAE (450,000 Filipinos), Australia (129,000 Filipinos) or elsewhere. Keeping in touch with family members online through social networking sites is common place, and hence an ideal spot to look for someone.

Tips: Be sure to look at friends of friends for people you may know. You may just find someone you didn’t even know you were looking for, but would love to catch up with.

Registering on these sites also gives people the chance to search for you. After all, you’re looking for someone.. Maybe a childhood friend or cousin is also looking for you.

Good luck with your search!


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