Faster and more Secure

Aiming to please

People Search is now reaching out more and helping more than ever before. Not only within the Philippines but all around the world.

As we are dedicated to helping as many as possible, we made a few changes in recent times.

You’ll notice now in some browsers that the site is labelled as secure. The addition of a Security Certificate allows for all your communications between yourself and to be encrypted and private. This is the same style of technology used by banks and online shops. Adding the extra layer of technology helps us protect your information and keep it secure.

If you have visited before you may also notice a significant speed increase. A change of servers and a few tweaks has the site loading 3 times quicker now based on our own tests. This will greatly assist out mobile and tablet visitors as well as put a smile on the face of those on desktops.

With any major changes there’s sometimes a few hiccups along the way. And whilst we have performed numerous tests, there’s no better way than by using thousands of sets of eyes. So if by chance you do find any issues after the upgrade, be sure to let us know.

Good luck with your search.

People Search Team.

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